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What does beauty mean to you?

I recently read a post from a famous influencer where she described beauty as an output to work and effort. If you work on something, and put yourself into it, then whatever it may be that you have worked on can be beautiful. I have to admit, that didn't resonate for me and instead lead me to define for myself how we come to recognize beauty in our lives.

Simply put, to me, beauty is an awareness, a recognition of what is. Whether its observing a sunset at the beach, recognizing a beautiful person, or enjoying a beautiful meal, I see beauty as a result of the effortless, pure, and balanced.

One of my favorite quote's is Frank Lloyd Wright's "nature is the foundation of all ornamentation." In some way, we are constantly intuitively replicating nature's perfection because in that, we are recognizing beauty.

it's always been very easy for me to recognize beauty. I see it everywhere. My personal philosophy has always albeit unbeknownst to me been to help alchemize form into beauty. Ive always aimed to surround myself with beautiful things, harmonize space by bringing in beauty, and have been quick to recognize the beauty in another. A good friend of mine once described me as a "beauty democratizer" because I see it everywhere.

The concept of beauty can be as ubiquitous as love and yet just as subjective, and yet to me, beautiful is. So if beautiful just is, then how do I help to alchemize it?

To cultivate beauty and live beautifully, the first step is to know oneself. Developing ad expressing our essence is the key to unlocking the beauty that is always there both inward and outward. Consciously aligning your path to your essence creates magic. And in that magic, lies beauty. That is the alchemy of beauty.

This week, the focus is around getting closer to yourself.

Find your magic. What moves you? When do you feel the most beautiful? re-create that this week.

does your home environment evoke beauty?

What room in your home can you enjoy this week?

Is there a room in your home that needs re-working or purging to rediscover its beauty?

As we continue with our spring cleaning focus, turn towards your wardrobe. Do your clothes make you feel beautiful? Can you go thru your closet and let go of things keeping you stuck in the past or that no longer serve you?

Wear your favorite outfit this week, or indulge in how you create that magic and feel beautiful.

If you feel like you need a little extra support in this practice, I'd be happy to help unleash your beautiful by helping you balance and harmonize your home, closet, or you. Lets work together! Now go and BE BEAUTIFUL!

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1 Comment

Love your definition of beauty and I agree that influencer's definition does not resonate with me either.

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