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Clean up your cleaning arsenal with Casa Zisa's cleaners

My journey towards making my own cleaners started earlier this year. My daughter and I were working on a 5th grade Science project, a pretty big deal in her school. As we thought of what to do one morning over brunch, we stumbled over testing store bought cleaners against homemade DIY cleaners to see If there really was a difference in efficiency. Initially our concern was environmental, as we were seeking to address the ways using conventional household cleaners negatively impact the environment by creating water and air pollution (which they do)

We purchased a few books, read a few articles and so began the rabbit hole. This project opened up my eyes, as I was concurrently getting certified around hormone health and also learned about how conventional household cleaners are among the top hormone disrupting culprits we are exposed to everyday.

What was most boggling is that there are currently no regulations or restrictions around companies having transparency around ingredients. According to the EWG website, 53% of cleaning products contain ingredients known to harm the lungs, and 22% contain asthma producing chemicals in otherwise healthy individuals. There are various chemicals added to conventional cleaners that are know cancer producing carcinogens. Conventional cleaning products are often full of hormone disrupting chemicals, further burdening our detox pathways. Many antibacterial cleaners have a health and hazard warning directly on their labels stating "precautionary statement, hazardous to both humans and domestic animals."

Luckily a moment of despair always inspires conscious action towards finding a better way. SO how do we clean up this cleaning mess? The simplest way is to make your own cleaner.

And don't get me wrong...I'm a product junkie and a sucker for great smell and beautiful packaging but it is perfectly achievable to do this for yourself.

I have developed 2 different cleaners that have eliminated my need for all other cleaners. And btw, my house was already "pretty clean" or so I thought, using Mrs Myers and Method....and yes they are certainly better, but not even close to best. The truth is, nothing beats cleaners that are small batch made, using ingredients with all pronounceable words and that are totally non-toxic and minimally processed.

If this feels too cumbersome for. you, may I suggest you purchase one of my starter packs. This includes both of my cleaners, the All Purpose spray and Heavy duty abrasive cleaners, with 2 refills and amber glass jars that can then be re-used when you become more familiar with making these for yourself. My favorite thing about making my cleaners, is the scent that I have created using a blend of my favorite essential oils. I literally am now always looking for something to clean!

My shop to purchase. these cleaners will go live in April, but for now, email me to be added to the waiting list, and check out my instagram @casazisa to watch my reel on making your own cleaner.

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