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The must have kit for your everyday cleaning needs. This kit contains, 1 multi-purpose cleaner in refillable 16 ounce amber glass bottle with additional refill, 1 glass cleaner in refillable 16 ounce glass amber bottle with additional refill, and heavy duty cleaner in 8 ounce amber plastic squeeze bottle. Shop this bundle and recieve 10% off reflected in price.

Cleaning Basics Kit

SKU: 612230
$60.00 Regular Price
$54.00Sale Price
  • Multi surface cleaner is great on tile, kitchen countertops, all stones, wood floors, stainless steel, and more.  Simply spray and wipe for a sparkly clean and invigorating cleaning experience.

    Glass cleaner is great on glass and mirrors.  Simply spray directly onto surface and wipe with clean and dry paper towel,  This cleaner is powered by distilled vinegar which should not be used on porous stones.

    Refills can simply be poured into glass bottles and filled with clean filtered water.

    Heavy duty cleanser is great for harder to clean surfaces like tubs, toilets, and tile grout.  Simply squeeze a small amount of cleanser onto wet sponge and clean.  For added boost, spray glass cleaner and mix with heavy duty cleanser for a more potent clean.  

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