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An essential starter kit for aligning your household cleaning regimen to be completely  non-toxic and  chemical free.   Prpducts are beautifully made with high quality essential oils and clean simple and effective ingredients.  Products sold in refillable and reusable glass amber jars for sustainability.  

Each kit contains: 

1 multi-purpose 16 oz cleaner

1 glass cleaner 16 oz

1 heavy duty abrasive cleaner   8 oz

1 candle 8 oz

1 room spray 8 oz

1 multi purpose cleaner refill 2 oz

1 glass cleaner refill 2 oz

Casa Zisa Cleaning Kit

SKU: 612223
  • ingredients:

    multi-purpose cleaner: distilled water, castile soap, essential oils, alcohol

    glass cleaner: distilelled lemon infused water, vinegar, alcohol, essential oils

    heavy duty cleaner: sodium bicarbonate, alcohol, castile soap, essential oils

    candle: organic soy wax, essential oils


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